Sunday, 28 February 2010

Two Wheel Terrors

La mayor aventura de SU vida

Impresionado me quedo en mi primera entrada en español en este blog con el amigo Fabián y todo lo que va a hacer. Desde aquí le prometo un seguimiento a sus hazañas y le deseamos el mejor de los viajes. Creo que todos pensamos un poco como él.

Si quieres información de primera mano pincha AQUÍ.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Harley Davidson and Indian BICYCLES

The picture above is an original Indian bicycle. We all know that many of the motorcycle companies started creating bicycles and changed after the invention of the combustion engine. What I didn't know -am I an ignorant? probably- is that they came back afterwards trying to survive to bad times. The good thing is that when they did they included some of the motorcycles features to those bikes that could make anyone dream about having them. The Indian is superb, just look at the fenders and that fake gas tank. Amazing.

But of course, Harley Davidson did the same. From my point of view, the Indian is more beautiful but this Harley Bike seems more efficient as it looks lighter. Both of them have signs of their origins like the H D found on this second one on the primary transmission -ups sorry, I ain't talking about a motored vehicle!
Of course, good times appeared, and both companies stopped making these bicycles in order to go on with their mean machines they're famous for.

How lovely would it be to be rich...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Riding to the beach

There several pictures that make you think, and I reckon this is one of those, or at least it is for me, how many times have I gone riding to the beach feeling sad or depressed? The sea makes you feel better. If you have no sea at home, don't worry, look for wild nature and that will be the same. Enjoy Sunday.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Way of life

When I was a very tiny kid I used to talk about motorcycles with people, and I told everyone I wanted a Harley Davidson. I asked for permission to get a tattoo done while my mother was still thinking I had to be playing with toys! But some people will never change. My parents thought I was becoming a criminal.
However, I went to university and got my degree, I worked a lot and I started a thriving career which is still developing and that I hope it will success soon. Did you see I wasn't that bad?
It's funny how people tend to think that you can't be a good guy being a biker that drinks more beer than water. On the other hand I found that while riding with others, being with musicians and all those creatures of the night, everyone asked me how in hell could I dedicate my career to education and then still go to heavy metal concerts and live on the wild side? Well, I am what I am but I would like to point out that people nowadays take one way or another and that's all... this is a pretty bad thing 'coz people say they will be gothics, rockers, hippies, snobs or whatever shit they want. But I am a free human being and I can read philosophy and leave the book aside for a while and grab a motorcycle mag and be as happy as was before.

I have nothing to prove to anyone. I can have an ear-ring and teach children, I can smoke a joint afterwards anywhere and I can still be the same person. Difficult to label. I ride long, I drink mad and I fuck hard.

Freedom is to get to the nature without any other complications

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio is one of the greatest rock musicians of all times. After Black Sabbath we played in Rainbow and had already been playing in Elf. He then started a great solo career that still goes on. Many of you would already know he's ill having some cancer treatment in hospital, i hope he gets well as soon as possible because we miss him on stage. Dio, I'll have a drink for you nexti time hoping to be able to drink much more watching any of your shows again. You rock man! Get well!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I miss summer time

I don't know how you feel but I miss summer time, good weather and girls wearing bikinis everywhere. It's better for those who live in a warm weather as we feel in a better mood, wouldn't you?

Travelling on your bike and being able to stop at any beach to have a swim is something I really love because it makes me feel even more free. I don't care much about weather conditions unless talking about a hurricane or an earthquake but noone can denies it's better to ride on good weather. Sometimes too hot can also be bad but just take off some clothes for that!

Muscle Pussy

For those who go to the gym, we know how difficult is to get bit muscles by training, specially for women who tend to be slimmer than men, but look at this stron gal! she did it! Another thing is whether men like her or not...

Monday, 15 February 2010

Riding in the rain

I think that most of us living on the north hemisphere are willing to get some of the summer goods. The other day I rode my bike under a heavy rain just for fun. I know this could sound weird as it is probably, but rinding under a pouring rain, something that certainly excuses anyone for not riding the bike, made me anxious for some kilometres.

I have ridden under the rain in many different occassions as you can never expect what's to come once you go out and most certainly, once you leave your city to go on a long trip -that means a few days ride- you can never predict the good or bad weather. But this time I was at home with my pyjama on as it was my day off duty. I had the heater on and as I surfed on the internet I could hear a very heavy rain beating my roof. I decided to have a look at my bike so I put some clothes on -I don't like working on the bike on pyjama!- and I checked tyre pressure, oil and all that shit and I never kept listening to that sound. Then, the isolated road called me. You have to put your best equipment on, of course, and even though you got it it's not for sure that you are not going to get wet! I didn´t except for my feet as my boots have a zipper that let the water come in. The good news, I didn't know that. I thought those boots were available for all weather conditions but they're not. However they're great for riding in other conditions, I've even worn them while riding in snowy roads and they work real good. But heavy rain seems to be another issue for them. I learnt that.

While riding under a pouring rain you better not squeeze your brakes too much as you can drift down to the floor in an unexpected move from your bike. Everything's different, and in roads with a bad tarmack it gets even more tricky. I didn't fall down but I could have, there was a moment in which I thought I was losing control completely but I could handle the bike on the last moment. For me that was a good training as even though I've been like that many times before, it was a couple of years since I hadn't ridden on such a heavy rain, and I don't want a big storm to catch me unaware. If we're bikers, we're ready for everything!

The edge of a broken heart

I think with some rock and roll Monday morning will be completely mad after the other posts! who said Mondays were crap?

Amanda Gift - Beautiful pictures from a beautiful woman

Her name is Amanda Gift and she is a real gift to our eyes. You can find her on myspace and probably in hundreds of posts like this one.

Can you imagine this beautiful woman on a motorbike? I'm sure you can but someone has done it already for us...

You can dream now can't you? For me is one of the greatest discoveries I've recently done on the the net and I hope to see more pics from her! I don't have a clue about modelling but for me this is the body and the face a top model should have.
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