Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Motorcycles

I guess it is a business world, and a business war, and each manufacturer is willing to get on the other, we have people who love one brand and hate the others and all kind of shit... however, I won't say anything this time, just get your own opinion about the  new moves some manufacturers have made.

Some bet bigger is still better

Others claim middle weight is still perfect and wanna prove we all need city commute on daily basis

The biggest surprise is to see the biggest of all companies going for the smallest of all bikes

Gals & Bikes

Pneumatic Sofia Vergara

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Kickstart my life again!

How many love songs have been sung?
How many a man has fallen down a bottle of Scotch?
Numbers, just numbers.
Where did you and I had our first fuck?
What the hell happened around the clock?
Places, just numbers.
How detailed has your heart become?
Did you tell the truth or did ya lie to me like a dog?
Facts, just numbers.

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