Thursday, 19 November 2009

New Hondas in town

I really like how a company like honda is really trying to get into any markets showing quality products. It's not new that they get all their motivation from competition bikes on track. However, they have always shown they can cope with cruiser style bikes.

What really impressed me most is that they decided to create a chopper. The bike looks fucking good, at least as I see it, and according to what I see it seems it's not a bloody show bike that nobody can use in real life situations.

According to my riding, this bike would be quite nice and good except for that beautiful tank that makes not enough room for a long distance badass like me. Putting some cargo to the bike seems rather difficult as well but there always are methods to do it. I have done it many times and I think we can handle it as long as you are going alone. Taking your girl on a trip like this may need a trailer for the bike... and that's not really beautiful on the bike is it?

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tattoes (The scars of your soul)

I was a nearly a kid when I decided to get my first tattoo done. My parents were crazy about the idea as tattoes were for sailors or criminals. I was definetely not a sailor so my parents, rather than seeing me enrol in a ship thought I was going to become a criminal. I did none of those, that's for sure, so I taught them that skin art is not a way of rebelling against the stablishment -which it is in a certain way- but a way of expression throughout our bodies.
Nowadays, tattoes have become a real shit. Kids do them just for fun and it's the latest trendy thing to show. I hate those motherfuckers who show a little drawing hidden in a corner of their bodies and want to pretend who they aren't by saying to everyone else how it hurt. Go to hell u bastard!
I like to consider tattoes as the scars of your soul. When somebody reasonable gets a tattoo done, it's to express in an artistic way moods, experiences or feelings that anyone else could interpret from there, but at the same time, everyone else could get their own interpretation. That's art brothers and sisters.

White Boots

Are you a fetish? If you look at this blog -I'm not sure yet if there has ever been anyone looking at it- means you are, at least a bit fetish about bikes... but what about boots?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Have you ever seen that t-shirt that says on the back "if you can read this, it means the bitch fell off the bike"? Here's the reply... and remember, women will always have the last word

Are you famous?

Coz if you are I can only think of the number of opportunities you may have to be seen on bikes just because the companies will probably pay you for it. Do I envy them? Of course I do.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Not all on Tarantino's behalf seem to be really good, but he sometimes is just putting out some money out of his pocket that he wants to get back.

With such a producer, bikes, girls, drugs and violence, this film looks pretty cool. An old glory from the old days when guys knew how to make films also appears but I won't say yet.

For me this is the perfect film -shall I say movie?- to be put on a screen while I get drunk in a bar and I have my bike right outside looking to beautiful gals and speaking to ugly fat guys like me. The pictures are really cool as the photography is amazing sometimes but the big problem here is that they tried to make so similar to Tarantino's that they really made a mess. Only for freaks anyhow.

Same old vices

Lost in the road

I sometimes amaze myself when I go to any bike events and I find such a mean machines. I've just been in one last weekend and I found quite a lot of wanna-have machines that made me having wet dreams. There I was with my tiny old bike against the giants of the road and I found out most of them were show-bikes. I love showbikes and I would love them even more if people use them for riding long trips. There's no use for a parked bike.

On the other hand, my veteran little bike has been ridden through all contry, all kinds of surfaces and in all weather conditions and I fear not looking at any one who says is a real motard and tell him that he would not be able to folow me if we're going a long way non stopping. My friends tell me I'm quite crazy but a bike is for touring not only for having coffee just round the corner -which it's fucking cool as well- but to experience life on that machine. There are no good or bad bikes; there are just good or bad bikers.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Back to the origins

As most of you should know, motorcycles come from bicycles...

Just look at the bike, right?

Because old bikes just make us feel so good as they really represent the esence of motorcycling. Nothing better than an old bike and a young gal together... want some more?

So you get the full of it...

And remember guys, this was just to show you the gilera from all angles.
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