Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Gals & Bikes

Why do we still ride?

It shouldn't be difficult to remember when and how we started riding motorcycles. When you're a teenager -which is how it happens most of the times- you long the freedom and the sex appeal a motorcycle gives you. However, that's not too much to feel as everyone does at that age, but most of them leave bikes and get into cars later. From my moped days I cannot point out anyone who has continued riding bikes afterwards except myself.
The difficult task is to keep riding, and of course the longer the better. There are reasons to keep on the run and dedicate your life to it if neccessary.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Abusive prize to the fuel!

Haven't you noticed motherfuckers? It seems all the petrol companies do want to get rich no matter who they have to piss off!

Fossil fuels have become a need we all have as transport is so important nowadays we couldn't handle our society otherwise. However, the motherfuckers who control it and the motherfuckers that buy it make a great profit. The one who sells makes an obvious profit, and the one who buys makes an even bigger profit putting it in your local petrol-station.

It is amazing that I'm paying more and more each time I fill the tank of my motorbike and nobody says nothing. BP fucks up an underwater quarry and nobody says. They put up the prizes again and again. USA invades a country from time to time because of that but I guess they also get profit from there as they get it cheaper but sell it at the same prize... what are bikers suppose to do? Ride bicycles?

I swear to daddy you will burn in hell motherfuckers!!!!!

Inspiring bikes

I guess we're all a bit sleepy on Monday mornings...

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rock and Roll will never die

Lemmy Kilmister from Mötorhead declared to Classic Rock Mag (UK) that Rock and Roll will never die as everyone likes to see him or herself posing in front of a mirror with an electric guitar. That's true, the image of a person holding a guitar is the esence of rock itself, I regonise even though I'm a bassist. Try to pose with a banjo or a flute and tell me the results...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

RIP Gary Moore

Click here.

Gary Moore passed away in Spain, in the town where I live, Estepona, while staying at Kempinski Hotel. Another sad loss for rock and roll, but we all know he chose this place to die as this marvellous landscapes offer him the best way to fly... over the hills and far away

Triumph of the panties

Tattoo: The scar of your soul

No matter what any motherfucker think, a tattoo is a lifetime sign of an important event in life, a tattoo is a scar of your soul that has taken shape into your skin. Fuck the posers with fashion tattoes and fuck the puritans!

Zombie-Khrist alter ego

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