Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ducati + Ninja Gal

2013 StreetBob

Well, no need to introduce Harley's Dynas these days. Probably the most recognizable harleys in the planet, and capable of perform and tour. Harley Davidson hasn't done anything remarkably good, they've just changed the look of something that was probably difficult to improve. This now look real badass bike. Some would say that other bikes are better, or cheaper, or whatever, but if you like harley, they won't convince you.

2013 Suzuki Intruder C1500T

Long time I have been waiting for this new model to come, as the intruder range was lacking a C1500, and the model has just been presented. The M range looks a bit skinny when we all have in our mind the M1800 as top model of the Japanese brand. However, I must say this C1500T for 2013 looks terribly good! The motorbike has the look and it seems to have the abbility for touring. No need to add anything to the bike as it comes quite complete. Have a look at the new Suzuki.

Friday, 19 October 2012

2013 looks good in Victory!

Victory is probably the brand with more new models and a greater risk this year, or a bigger move. A real BoardWalk. The bike just seems perfect to fit the brand's catalogue. It is probably the motorbike with the most classic look of the range, and probably one of the bikes in market of that segment, capable of offering one hell of a good performance!

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