Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Performance or style

Can't we just convine both things together on a single bike? Do we have to ride a soul-less bike just to get the highest techonology? Some people do not think like that and a performance chopper, bobber or whatever creation can be possible.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Men are captivated by women. It's a fact. The vast majority of men who love motorbikes are also well captivated by women. Join them together and that's how you'll get publicity. Speed, power and torque are signs of the alpha wolf, and we want our gals to take them around.

However, no one denies that we do not just want silly girls on bikes. We also love real riders who feel like us the two wheeled world. Oh! How I love real woman on a real bike and not just the advertising models.

But where are you my biker girl? Do you really exist? Will I ever find you?

I sometimes dream that money is not the problem and that I can get any bike I desire. I sometimes dream of getting all that's sorrounding me... but only a few get what they want and just by never giving up.

Some build their own bikes, others buy brand new, some are quite happy to inherit and old glory from their fathers' but the feeling is quite usually the same.

On the other hand, some do not deserve to ride what they're actually riding. But life is just a handful of jokes played on all of us.

Whatever you do, just do it right.

Same old vices

Yeah dudes!

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