Monday, 25 August 2014

Axel Estrada Manifesto

I have been a biker since I can remember. Just in my mom's womb when she used to be daddy's pillion in a old Bultaco, and I got the vibration of the two stroke engine and contaminated my soul.

This has always been about liberty, the enormous freedom we get when we ride is not comparable to anything else in this world.

And there's a huge controversy about colors. I have had a patch over the last 8 years I'd say... and I didn't want to leave it despite the pain and problems it sometimes causes. But we managed to get over it.

My deepest respect to all MCs around the globe, gangs, groups or whatever... I've hang around that world for far too long as for not knowing it and I love it really.

But it can get a bit tricky sometimes, and problems start when you have to fulfil obligations because of your MC and you are not happy about it.

Whatever you do regarding bikes, should be done without effort. It is no effort for me to lie on the ground to change my trumpets oil, it ain't no obligation for me to polish the steel, it ain't no obligation for me to ride like a motherfucker for hundreds of miles.

So if you wear color, they shouldn't be an obligation. If you feel like they are... do something about it dude.

I'm happy because my fellas and I decided to leave the color aside and return to our origins, to riding just for the sake of riding... and that's what we want.

There are other possible ways, this is just mine. Do whatever your heart tells you.

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