Monday, 26 August 2013

World is changing fast!

...and we are riding this life nonstop! And happiness will only come to us when we realize that there is no final stage, is all an endless road.

So get your stuff packed, which is not much, and let it go. It's always worth a second try and always look up to what's to come.

Scram it!

Monday, 5 August 2013

When materialistic means shit

How many of us have been willing to get the cash for this or for that... and willing to get some more cash in the lottery, and what if we could get some more cash somewhere else and going over and over again the same fucking issue.

If you don't have the cash, you still got the guts. Imagination is a far better tool than money itself, as with the lack of imagination you could even have a fortune and not know what the hell to do with it. Enjoying life is something different, is about being who you are, and not being what you got.

Ghosts are chasing you away from your dreams, and you don't really give a shit as you excuse the economical situation, the whatever situation, and some other situations instead of blaming yourself. Long time I have cried out that I didn't have the motorbike I wanted, the house I wanted or the place I wanted to live in, and nothing is really important. Pussy still free right? I mean, we can enjoy ourselves in a million ways, and no matter whether we have the cash or not. Let's put it this way, I'd prefer to have it, but if I don't, that won't mean I would just sit at home doing nothing but pining. Fuck off man, I'm in a enjoying mood today and I'm going to have fun with the bike I have, the pussy I have and the things I have. Will I have some more, better, different things? I don't give a fuck, as I can only amuse myself with the things I currently got.

Drift away your fears mates, get yourself a cold drink and have a good ride motherfuckers.

See you on the road!


Yeah! What's life without adventure?

Jasmine Cain - Highway Prophet

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Solo Ridin'

Never underestimate company, as we always feel alone, and we will always need a friendly shoulder. Concerts, bike events, MC's, gangs, group ridin', motherfuckers around us all the time... everybody's welcome.

But there are just some moments in which the only company you need is a lonely road. You gently throttle up your machine, see the trees passing by, the clouds, the sun, the shades... your soul.

Existence can be such a pain in the ass, that running away from it can represent the different between your pure life, and dying in agony. Checks, bills, problems, work, bosses, clients, motherfuckers...

We can always expect the unexpected when riding unknown roads, lonely spaces of infinite joy just with the rumble of the engine. Fuck everyone, riders have a way of scape, let's just use it.

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