Monday, 12 November 2012

Winter Season is nearly here, by Z-K

I consider this weekend the first one of the winter season. I know it's still autumn, but the feeling, cold weather and the few sparks of rain made it a perfect day for riding all covered up.

Nights will be freezing cold, and bad weather conditions are lovely for a ride. Nevermind what others say or do, we real bikers ride in all weather conditions. It's not that we like to ride in the middle of the pouring rain, it is just that if you're a tough rider who knows how and needs to ride, you couldn't care less about a few drops of water, snow or a fucking storm.

Zombie Khrist



  1. I ride my bike to work five days a week in all weather, and when I get there I am awake, all my senses are tuned in, I feel alive, a few near misses and watching out for idiot (killer) drivers is part of the game!

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