Sunday, 30 January 2011


have just arrived...

Just had a shower and change my leathers after the Sunday ride. It becomes a shit when you only got the chance, sometimes, of a Sunday ride and that's all in the whole fucking week. I guess that winter and the fucking responsibilities are killing me... I can handle it, more or less. It seems I wasn't born to be a hero

But nothing worse to handle than getting off the bike wanting much more of it and knowing there won't be more until next Sunday probably, if I get lucky anyhow. Life sucks.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Scrambler power!

I wouldn't mind to get a ride on any Scrambler, it looks like the funniest classic bike ever! And this one from Hammarhead Jack Pine Video just looks great and performs better.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Reflections by Zombi Khrist


Are boobs neccessary to ride a motorbike? Certainly not as most bikers are guys dreaming to take a pillion doll. However, and just by looking above, boobs are great for selling bikes or to show them. If you look the blonde gal on the left, she's ugly but she does well because of her boobs. The brunete is not ugly but has quite too much size on her balloons... and what the fuck is that???????!!!!!
I thought I was gonna work for decent blog about motorcycle lifestyle but the only thing I get is porn!!!!!!!!!
What the hell are people doing reading this? If you consider yourself a good person, quit reading this shit...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Need some help

Looks like our blog colleague Lori is in need of some help for a beauty contest, she sent me this link and it won't take us much time to vote for her, will it?

More info at Lori's blog here 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sensations... A life full of Gals and Bikes!

Once you start the engine, your're lost forever. Vibrations come up through your legs to make a pleasurable feeling on you genitalia, your heart beats desperate for new sensations and with a single twist of your wrist, the beast breaks out stadyness and gravity becomes a friend that helps you keep on the ground while riding. You are a hero on a motorcycle. Eyes are watching.
A transport is a device that just moves you or some baggage arround, a motorcycle is a passion. We live our lives on the back of a bike just because we choose so and it's never enough. Dreaming of bikes and trips is a lifestyle and getting away on your bike is a desire only heros can have.
But motorcycles not only give, they also take from your soul... shit happens. We are here to die, and we live to die at anytime. With a motorcycle, death is always sitting at the back seat. Death is waiting for you to make a mistake or get on an oil stain in the middle of the tarmac, and that's all, you will be gone for ever. But who cares? Ride safely but not being scary and whatever your destiny is, find it with your boots on. I'm still alive and don't know much about death but, I reckon nothing can be worst than dying with the feeling of the things you didn't do. Fuck life to the most!

Afraid of Clowns???

Monday, 17 January 2011

Why do gals always go together to the loo?

There's always a good reason for everything in life and as experts say, the simplest answer is the correct... chicks go to the loo together to make boobs competition, not only in size -men are so simple- but oscilating moves as you can see. Enjoy u lil' bastards

I mean... the gif is great but did he need to say all that shit???


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