Monday, 28 March 2011

Zombie-Khrist lack of sex

 Bla, bla, bla... I'm tired of the same old shit in this fucking blog... all day and night talking about motorcycles and gals and can't get any of them. I don't fucking have a license but that's to be discussed some other time. What I lack is pussy!!!!!!!

 I'm  a greasy machine that works perfectly but the most I can get is this fucking expression from gals...

 And I won't resist to look awesome and exotic dances that come to my mind like spring water...
 And I think, think and think... what could I do...
 To get you dancing all over me...
It's not fair that people don't usually fuck zombies...

Oh lord, how I miss Camdem

Would sound strange for a solitary guy like me wanting to get to one of the crowdest spot in London, but I really miss getting drunk drinking pints of fosters round this place and listen to some rock and roll in a pub I know well... life sucks anyway, here I am in sunny spain with a shining sun and lots of roads to ride... but missing shady London

The Guzzi California and two parallel bobbers

If you don't like vintage bikes you are doing nothing in this blog

Japanese biker, Japanese survivor...

I'm sure you've all pretty much seen this pic here -like most of the staff in this blog probably. However, I couldn't resist myself posting it as it is so dramatic and powerful it makes us all understand something, at least it does for me.
Human nature is impressive. We complain about a delayed service in a restaurant and about all the shitty things that happens to you, but we can survive after all to all our problems. We all know Japan will recover, don't know when, but we do know they can survive.
This biker has, and his bike doesn't look so well, but it's not dead, just waiting for some time spent in it. When all your life has gone down, you just have to lift it up.

We should all learn something from this, don't ya think?

More Spring Gals

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Gals & Bikes

Zombie-Khrist favourites

You wouldn't tell how hard it is to still be an apprentice when you're more than two thousand years old, however, I must admit I have always been a difficult child but I'm improving. I will fortunately finish primary school next year -yeah I had to repeat a few courses- and I know it might be too late for some people who don't know inmortality, but look at mom, she's older and she's still a virgin!!! 

God you don't know how I hate when the motherfucker of the boss does not want to post anything  new!!!! By the way guys I give you some cool zombie bikes from Zombie-Khrist so you don't forget this is still a motorcycles blog. 

Monday, 14 March 2011


No words that can heal the harm, no words that can soothe the pain, no grief that cannot be amended with passion and effort...

Japanese people, you have suffered one of the biggest disasters and still much more shit to come, support is nothing but a bit of empathy as it's not us who is helping you out to rebuild you homes and your families. Too many of you have lost some of their beloved ones and others don't know who's dead or lost. However, the rest of the world is expecting for you to recover.

We need you and we love you and we all hope you get over this shit as soon as you can. Please, show the history of this crazy world once again that Japan can recover and be a happy country again. Like those flowers growing from the ashes, there's always life in destruction.

Dedicated to all of you suffering and to all of you trying to rebuild.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

V-Rod Muscle

Of all the power cruisers available on the market so far, the most agressive look is definetely for the Muscle Rod that Harley has done. Beautiful.


A way to scape

Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever felt like going to explode? Have you ever felt sad, crazy, silly, defeated...? What to do? Come on you know it, just ride

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Z-K life's a shit

Haven't you felt ready for the actions so many times and nothing has been done afterwards? Lazy, humans beings are lazy. Not like gods, we create worlds in a week or so... 

 But it all comes with ta change in the perspective
Rather than staying in bed thinking what to do, you could do something... 

 as Big Things take their time to arrive, and they'll only come if they've been searched!
 No matter if you're confused with the bushes arround...
We can always find a right ride... 
 to keep in our garage
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