Sunday, 25 March 2012

New Road

Life is a never ending road, that doesn't seem to change much. Roads seem the same all the time, but we all are going to a different place in each moment. A new road opens for me next week, I know it's a great one.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The World is Fucked! Fuck the World. By Z-K

 Don't try to convince me the world is fucked, don't tell me about crisis or shit... I don't believe a word.
The rulers are fucked, maybe. Western world has been capable of making everyone dance at their own song, and western world has tought them so well they can play on their own right now. It's not a global crisis, it is a western crisis.

But don't say it in the western world! People want to occupy wall st, they want to burn down Europe in flames, they want to reinstall anarchy in the UK... 'cause people can't take anymore.

It is a thin line the one that divides life and death, and death has always been a beautiful gal. Western world is dying, time for others... all empires come and go. Time to let them come, time for others, I've seen it so many times, but you are too young to see.

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