Friday, 23 July 2010

Laguna Seca

Moto GP is in a great moment. With Valentino's return, Lorenzo's chances disminish as well as by the new results of Pedrosa. Stoner is also doing better recently and never forget Mr Hayden. The final score will be one of the greates grand prix of the year... I won't miss it even though it would just be on the telly! I hope Lorenzo win this race, the championship and whatever

I wannabe a posh hippy with a brand new 4x4 van...

I got the money and I got the bike but I'm a nerd...

Nothing more frustrating than wanting and not getting. Motorbikes are expensive and so not everyone can afford one, and even less to afford "the one". People survive with decent machines they can afford and try to get the maximum from them and we all hope to get a better thing in the future and that's why we are sometimes insulted by rich motherfuckers.

I met a guy the other day who knew I was a biker and went right straight to talk to me about motorcycles. Late fiftys, the latest Harley Davidson boots, jacket and shirt on -I presume more than my sallary on those clothes- and a great smile.

"Hey! I've heard you want a harley, don't you?" -He shouted to continue then: "I got one, it's a Dyna and I've owned it for eleven years."

I must say the guy sounded great and I thought he was a real badass harley rider even though he came there driving an ugly van. So I started talking about travels... "No I have never travelled... but it's a harley" then we went on talking about bike events... "No, but I have a harley" and the last point we discussed was kilometres done. "4,000 kilometres, it's brand new... I have a harley"

You've done 4 fucking thousand kilometres to a harley in eleven fucking years and you call yourself a biker? I just told him I normally do about 15,000 a year and that bikes are for riding. The conversation ended there... but you know what they say:

God gives teeth to that one who can't chew!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Do not try this at home!

Riding in the hottest of summers...

You may have notices we are in summer time now, gals are wearing bikinis and it's bloody hot. When we ride in summer we tend to take some of our apparel out in order to avoid heat. The fact is that the gear a biker uses is mainly conceived to protect, and then for weather isolation.

If you take out your leather jacket just because it's too hot you presume a leather jacket is designed for cold weather, but motorcycling gear is not for riding... but for falling down.

Do you really think you'll get less damage on your body just because it's hot! Wear your brain and let it work and if after that you still want to leave your protecting gear then why don't you hung yourself? it's faster.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The new Honda

If there's a Honda cruiser that has gained the love of everyone that's probably the Shadow. Due to its great results and better prizing this bike has been the option of many who wished to get on the cruiser market without being rich. Now they've used the same engine to create the following machine, the Honda VT750, which seems better for heavy traffic and high speed cornering with a slimmer frame and less weight.

It sporsts a 750cc engine and with this new design it looks more capable to deal with heavy traffic or corners at a bigger speed than the old Shadow. While Honda presents the 1300cc range in America (from which we can only have the Honda Fury) here they show a smaller engine that seems to go better with european style.

From my point of view, this bike has to be great but it looks pretty much like a sportster don't ya think?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

That ain't a bike baby; it's a chopper

History of the Road King. A Harley Davidson legend

Few bikes are more recognisable than a Harley Davidson Road King. The esence of all baggers nowadays capable of long haul trips anywhere with a great style and a typical Harley performance.

The model started back in 1993 by a redesign of the FL series.  The retro look that it has, similar to the Fat Boy's appereance, makes it an exremely tasty bike which has become a legend so far. Even though the model is not very old, by using the basis of the more classical bikes that Harley has they created this beautiful and mean machine you wouldn't be surprised to find on an Al Capone film.

It also claim to be the best option for durability as some of them have been seen to make some dozens of thounsands miles without any serious problems. Wanna travel? Think of this bike.

However, other riders say that the bike it's too heavy and that it doesn't permform as good as a jap bike would. These are the typical Harley handicaps but who cares when you're riding the coolest bike! There are performance bikes that you can choose.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Women in uniform

Triumph cruisers

Cruisers are one of the most valuable markets for any brach as they are the main attraction in the USA, the biggest of all markets not only for its huge size but for their rich economy. Japanese bikes, more dedicated to speed machines, know this and are trying to get on the gigantic Harley Davidson. However, the branch with enough heritage to do so is probably Triumph. I think Guzzis could also battle here but they're not doing it are they? But it will only be a matter of time, Yamaha and its Star Cycles are hitting hard, Honda, Kawasaki... The most magnificient bikes of all times are fancy now and for that I'm glad.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Gals and bikes, gals and tattoes, gals and gals...

The infinite horizon

I don't think the spirit of those brave explorers from past times was much different from today's hearts who wish to explore. However, we are not living in an unknown world now, we live in the world of communication. Do you want to go anywhere? Google Earth will take you in a second. Fast and easy.
But bikers normally take the difficult way. We ride vehicles that put you at risk of death in every bend. The weather affects you when you're riding. Wind, cold and rain can be your companions in a long haul trip. So some people keep the same spirit.
There's not a big different with a climber, a sky diver or a die hard biker doing stunts. It's not the risk, it's the pleasure of doing it by itself.
So I propose a toast to all those who live their lives their way. You know the rest of the people are wrong... just don't tell them.
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