Friday, 22 October 2010

We may be the worst blog on earth... but we steal cool pics from everyone!

The return of the bee

I had another bee bite inside my helmet yesterday. It's the fourth this year and it's fucking nonesense, you have to stop, to pee on the ground and put some of that disgusting muddy substance on your fucking head, but then the pain leaves you...
Remember to resist the pain...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

2011 models

It is by this time of the year when the manufacturers show up some news about next year's market. Let's see a bit of what I found so far.

In the end -if this is really the end- of the world crisis; new models are hard to be found as many manufacturers haven't sold 2010 or even 2009 bikes.

Triumph has done the homework and they really are producing new bikes. We have examples of the new Tiger or the amazing Speed Triple. Here it is the new Thunderbird Storm. They have made an evident change according to nowadays' standards, they've changed the bike into black. Then they've put new handlebars but keeping the bike pretty much the same and with the same frame, the result is fantastic. Want more? the twin headlights taken from the Rocket III and the kit bore, which increases the bike into a 1700cc with 100 horse power. Big numbers.

 Suzuki is redisigning all their cruisers in order to make them follow the amazing Intruder 1800cc. However what you see here is the 800cc Intruder. This is a great bike, one of the greatest if you allow me. In Europe is one of the best rides you can choose as it's affordable and very realiable. But let's be honest. This bike was much better before, it looks a bit skinny after having seen the big one. Suzuki should have gone for the originality and keep the model as it was before and not just try to sell us an imitation of the big bike. I'd rather go for the classic Intruder.
 Kawasaki Vulcan Vaquero. The now typical 1700cc with a new outfit. For me this is one of the best models of the year. We know how good kawas are nowadays, producing a range of the best cruisers all over the world. This bike's look is amazing. A lighter tourer was something I wouldn't expect from them after cracking the planet with last year's new models, but it was too bulky maybe. So here it is the amazing Vaquero. A cowboy in bikes.
 Honda, as also Kawasaki is doing, is well aware of the new predominance in the world of bikes of Triumph. They had never gone away but we know they stopped production. Now everyone wants to have a Bonneville. The most obvious bike to do it was the Shadow. A 750cc V-Twim -yeap, this bike comes from a Harley imitation- that is so reliable that its owners claim it never breaks down. The british ride and the cafĂ© racers are back and this bike really suits the market. Lovely curves and easy handling and some Honda specs. I think it's lovely.

And the good news is there will be more models to come up this year!

Friday, 15 October 2010

October thoughts

Here I am! Rock U like a hurricane!

Life is never easy, and life is never good to anyone; we already know that don't we? but we always go back to the basis, nobody can ever change, and nobody can ever deny his or her thoughts. We sometimes feel down, or we sometimes don't have anything to say, but we can always see and hear somebody else's staff.

Fred Crosset urban trial ride 2010 monster energy from dd on Vimeo.

By now I'm getting ready for a new trip -thanks the God of Speed for letting me go!... and thanks to my gal of course- from which I will relate when the time comes... by now just have a look at this guys, another great staff as all I read in the blogs I follow.

-learn to travel- -travel to learn- from max schaaf on Vimeo.

Because we sometimes don't have the time, the money or the possibility... but even when your bike is left in the garage, or you just can't afford a moped but you feel like the badass you really are, motorcycles is a passion, a way of life, which is demanding, but also giving.

Read, see, watch, listen and even shit motorbikes... and gals

Thursday, 7 October 2010

R.I.P. Steve Lee

Steve Lee, Gotthard lead's singer passed away while doing a motorcycle trip accross the USA. It seems that they stopped on the side of a road near Las Vegas to put on their rain coats, when a trailer out of control hit them and he resulted dead. Rock and Roll and bikers have lost another one. See you in the bends of hell.
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