Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Big Dog Motorcycles seem to be in trouble

It seems we are losing more and more bike brands and that's somenthing that makes me real sad even though we can think some of those bikes will become legends. Big Dog, one of those manufactures I dreamt of seeing in Europe is close to bankrupt, unless they find and investor. I wish I had the money, but I have some pictures, however.

Is there any problem about big boobs?

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Security gear

I know the picture is grotesque -is just a simple adjective for it but I think it's enough- but I'm not making jokes about the picture -which is funny enough as for not making them- but I'm focusing on the issue of protection.
Nowadays, people don't ride bikes only as an obligation or a transport, but for hobby too. That means that the design has taken an important role on today's bikers. In addition, if you take motorcycling as a way of living it's even more important. We do not only want to ride a bike but we want to look good on it. We clean our machines up before an important event and we dress in suitable gear, but above all: PROTECT YOUR BODY
I'm fed up of watching biker's gals as pillions wearing whatever shit they find, no matter how good or bad it is for the bike. I understand those of you who take them for a ride when you want to impress them, but you won't pull if you kill her. It can be okay to take them around the neighbourhood and braking twice to feel their boobs on your back -which we all do- but impressing them in a twisty road or in a hard day's ride touring along the coast is too much unless you provide her with full gear.
At least a proper jacket with protections, a decent helmet and recommend her to bring a pair of boots and jeans if leather is not possible and to finish, GLOVES. Your hands are the first part to touch the ground if you fell so gloves are not just for cold weather!. By the way, bikes are good to fuck as gals may look at you, but protect those little treasures girls are. My galfriend is actually telling me I freak her out with all this, but we mustn't be stupid even though we are tough guys, isn't that true?
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