Friday, 29 January 2010

Doro Pesch - the Metal Queen!

There are two kind of metalheads only; those who know former Warlock singer: Doro, and the few stupid who don't. This german blonde got my attention since I was a kid and I admit to have always been in love with her as she is one of those gals who we all want to have at the back seat of our irons but... she rides alone.

Motorcycle History

It's amazing how motorcycle maniacs sometimes ignore the old taste of a bike. We might like classic type bikes but we certainly ignore the basement of all that. The creation of the bike as we know it today is still uncertain but we know there are several evidences of when it started and by whom. However, I have heard that more than one has been considered to that honour. It doesn't correspond to me to decide that, I'm a humble man and I just feel grateful for the motorcycle history which I find a total revolution like trains, cars, planes and all those smoky devices. Motorcycle, from my point of view, are more related to horses than to bicycles, but who am I to judge anything?

I can't imagine the World War II without motorcycles and I think by that time -nothing that comes to now- war between motorcycle companies; Indians, BMWs, Harley Davidsons, Triumphs, Nortons and everyone trying to sell bikes to the armies in battle. Riders fighting on motorcycles in a more agile way that other vehicles.

Many of the bikes of that time started being motor bicycles and adding an engine to that known structure was someting; redisigning the whole machine into a more efficient and poweful iron was another aim of a much higher difficulty but impossible to be made unlees the previous stage. But all of them looked enourmously beautiful to me so I imagine those first engineers like artists in the biggest sense of the word. If you don't believe me just to at this 1923 BMW R32.

Since then, motorcycle world has never stopped its particular evolution and has come with better machines. To me, some of them still have the same old spirit, others have all the techonology, and only a few of them have everything. In gals and bikes we are also going to show this old spirity of motorcycling, so important for me that I write these things, and for you I guess, who reads them.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Kat Von D

Down by the mud

It's not a surprise I like the custom and cruiser like bikes. Also choppers but I find them of no use in my daily life and I don't have the money to afford another bike. Mud is not a good friend of any bikes and specially not of a cruiser but there's no other option sometimes. I was riding on a lonely secondary road, those I like most, and I found the tarmack full of mud, stones and dirt because of the strong rain falls on the previous days that nobody had cleaned. The first contact with mud was good. My bike drifted a bit, my galfriend felt a bit insecure for a second and that was all. Then I got used to find mud from time to time and that was when the problem started. We fell down. Nothing bad at the end, a bit of pain in knees and elbows and that's all but never lose concentration on a bike!
My iron is much better than me, nothing happened to the bike and nothing was broken so at least I must be happy. My gal and me went back home to have a showe and to take out mud from our trousers, jackets, gloves...

Friday, 22 January 2010

Triumph is redesigning a legend

It shouldn't a surprise so far to any of us that Triumph has created a brand new bike for 2010 that will shut some mouths but that will also create some controversy around it. This is the bike, the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird.

It sports an engine capable of crusing and dragging as far as I can see from its numbers. The biggest parallel twin in history is a 1600cc with 84bhp that can be even increased up to 1700cc by a kit also designed by Triumph.

With this move, Triumph has clearly gone to the Harley Davidson range as producing a bike so similar in numbers can only lead to an attack to the USA market, which is a piece of cake to everyone, that's for sure. But this model has existed for far longer that the new parallel twin as it was Steve McQueen's bike in The Great Scape. The bike has obviously had many changes since them.

For many Triumph fans, the name Thunderbird, however, refers to a more sporty bike rather than a cruiser and there were instant reactions on the web whether the guys form Hinckley have gone mad or something like this. To see what are their base we just have to look the Thunderbird before this new one.

From my personal point of view, I think the bike is superb. Despite the fact of the name, the bike looks awesome and I'm willing to ride it. To be honest, it could become my next bike as it is in the exact range that I am looking for and the price is not a Harley price. It seems this bike is one of the most well balanced cruisers in the market and it allows cornering easier than others. The parallel twin will also be noticed in a cloned V-Twin bike world. Wanna see some more, you can check Triumph's site.

The bike mounts a 200mm rear tyre, lots of original accesories and looks pretty well. As I see it, it would be more authentic to have a Bonneville, but with my great passion for the Bigger is Better theory, and having the Rocket III so far out of my reach this bike could represent the best of the old café racers -never forget is a Triumph and even being a cruiser, it will be one of the fastest cruisers- and a Harley without their typical problems.

Killed by Death

There's nothing better than a real Motörheadache!!!

Laia Sanz - Another young promise, but also a great CHAMPION

This good girl you can see here probably rides much better than you, what I'm sure of anyway is that she rides better than me! Her name is Laia Sanz.

She started at a real young age with all her family support and has proved so far that she is a real champion in a world of men. But this young woman has already won nearly everything and she is still adding some more tropheys to her shelves. This is another prove that with effort and a young start we can all go far.

Never surrender

For all of you fighting you personal wars; for all of you who suffer, win or lose; for all of you who didn't agree but who couldn't win; for all the desperately heartened with some blood still in our veins... for all of us actually: NEVER LET OTHERS CONTROL YOU, YOU CAN ONLY BE KILLED BY DEATH ITSELF; AND IF BY OTHER BEING, NEVER WITHOUT FIGHTING. GO FOR WHAT BELONGS TO YOU AND I WISH YOU THE BEST.
Dedicated to all our brothers and sisters in Haiti who will never surrender

Monday, 18 January 2010

Annie Seel

Now that the worldwide known Dakar has finished I must now talk about one of their contesters. Annie Seel is one of those women fighting in a world fit for heroes. No matter that you're men or women, Dakar can destroy you in a glimpse. Only those who are born strong are those who will succeed, and being strong is not only about muscles but the capacity to make efforts continously until the end of your forces...

Happy new year!

Sorry for the delay if anyone was waiting for me. However, I kept myself busy with stupid things and broken computers... anyway I wish you well for 2010 and let's start as soon as possible with our gals and bikes things!

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