Thursday, 8 January 2015

These two motherfuckers seem to have fun with their bikes and they have a YouTube channel worth havling a look. 

The fat guy rides a Rocket III -I envy you mate!- and the beauty a Speedmaster, which is my ride and how I got to know them as she has the dunstall pipes I might get.

Fucking on a Motorbike

Some porn won't do you any harm at all... not riding a bike is something we gotta avoid at all cost!

Fun! Fucking Gals & Bikes!

Bikes, girls and parties por motorsandbabes

Mad Max is Back

Fucking christmas is gone for once! and we now have a bloody new year to live, this is what's to be on cinemas, I hope they don't fuck up one of the best trilogies in history.

Hail to Road Movies!

The beauty will be a nearly bald Charlize Theron... mmm

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