Monday, 24 September 2012

My sincerest respect


Some roads are endless,
some feelings too.
 Of course, Motorcycles.

But love, nah!
Love's not endless at all


This is the typical company for a Speedmaster owner!

Racing Monday!

Great chance to se the kawee W800 in action, and great video too. However, I'm a bit more of a motherfucker, so wouldn't it be better to see it against bonnevilles? I would love to, really, as they both look great bikes, one is the copy of the other, and it would be nice to see them competing...

I love Mondays!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Umbrella Gal, Bonneville Flats

Long live the kings

I know every blog is posting this, but let's face it, originality died on the internet and the video is fucking great!

Summerend St.

It's been a weird summer though, bit sad it's coming to an end. After all, the end of it was great, long trip arround the country and great new experiences, together with the good ol' ones

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