Monday, 31 May 2010

Sexy Rock and Roll

Marisa Miller, well known to bikers for the publicity of Harley Davidson has also made other things such as this body painting... do ya like it?

Friday, 28 May 2010

Riding Solo

The landscapes from the twisty roads in Southern Spain are marvellous. This lonely road leads to Jubrique and it makes an amazing ride. Because there's nothing like riding alone when life is stressing you a bit too much and so I've just done.
There are great places to eat throughout Parque de los Alcornocales but when I'm looking for something fast, cheap and lonely... I think this makes a better lunch.
Even some off-road to my bike, La Corredora, she is not made for this actually but in 14 years she's proved to be capable of everything!
So I rode and I rode and I got to the beach. Cabo Trafalgar is another jewel. It was a very windy day but who cares, bikers are for all kinds of weather, the others are just aficionados.

Monday, 24 May 2010

The girl of the Shadow

The Honda Shadow is a well known custom bike that has gained it value throughout the years by giving awesome look and performance. It's even better if we add a great model to it as we like to do in this blog. Want to know more about the model? She is Blasphemia.

The shadow is a sexy bike don't ya think?

Friday, 21 May 2010

Top Five Branches with a huge history

Here comes a rank of the five top motorcycle branches in history. No need to say this is MY own opinion and I do not have to explain that means subjetivity. Do you agree? Which branches would you take in or out the rank?

On the fifth place here comes one of the most well known branches from Germany: BMW
There's no doubt when you see a boxer engine that you're looking to a BMW machine. Its image has changed a lot throughout the ages but the distinction in their motors hasn't. Always producing powerful and technologically superior machines this branch has had a great importance in history. Not in vain they participated on the Great War of Europe and gave vehicles to Hitler's armies. The infamous BMW R75 with a sidecar fought against the allies in WWII. The first BMW appeared on the scene in 1921 and has always been used for all terrain trips. However, they also produce great sporty bikes and have even launched a cruiser model which is unfortunately not available now. But when I say all terrain I mean all terrain and not just a dirt bike that can handle some asphalt but seriuos bad ass bikes capable of doing world tours as we've seen Ewan McGregor and Charly Boorman doing it. They also have great touring models far from the cruiser market and more in competition against the Honda's.

On the fourth place here comes a legend in American History: Indian

Indian motorcycles settled the basis of what american bikes should be. A bold and heavy machine that looks and sounds great and ready for cruising miles and miles without any other restriction than our own resistance.
When they were created, however, they were daily basis bikes and they delivered a great speed and power, similar to what we call sport bikes nowadays. Of course, Indian motorcycles are nearly the prehistory in motorcycling as they started producing in 1901 so anything faster that a man on foot was a sport sensation.
They've proved to be of many uses from the army to working in farms. Below you can find the first Indian in history with Mr Hedström, one of its founders. Mr Burt Munro could state some speed records on an Indian and some of them are still unbeaten.

As it has happened many times in history, Indian Motorcycles were destroyed by money. Motorcycles companies are business that can only exist if they are profitable, and if they're not say bye to the bikes!

But come on guys! you know Indian motorcycles are back again on the market with one of the most well known models of all times, the Indian Chief. They produce a limited number of units and they cost a lot but we can still know and see some of them!

On the third comes the italian dream: MOTO GUZZI

They appeared on the scene at the same time that BMW did but with a complete different aim in their bikes. WWI really launched all engineers to produce new devices and created a great expansion of all technology, just what needed to enter WWII with a better armour. No need to say that both Guzzis and BMWs were used by the fascists during war and that were in a way, mainly conceived to battle. Indian and Triumph, on the other hands, were brands that already existed long before the conflict.

Moto Guzzi is a very well known branch nowadays and has gained the respect of all the others. However, as it happening with most of the old factories and companies they are being displaced by the newest guys in town, basically the japanese kids with their Hondas, Yamahas and Kawis. As many other factories, they're trying to keep up with the changes by making brand new models with modern technology and a vintage or classic look. One of their best modern creations is the Bellagio.

But Guzzis are recognisable by their classic models that you can check with the amazing guzzi girls in this same blog by clicking here.

On the secod place comes my favourite branch: Triumph

Making a subjective ranking one would say that my favourite branch would go first, but I have to be honest with me as I must say they're not first simply because they had to stop production and left the world for years without new models or their classic.

However, I do think they've made the best creations of all times and if you don't believe it just have a look at the Bonneville, the flag ship for Triumph, chosen by a celebrity... guess who

The company was founded by a german engineer called Siegfrid Bettman in 1885 but it wasn't until 1902 when they created their first motorcycle. Before that they were producing bicycles only but they managed to motorize it succesfully.

Triumph motorcycles have always been a sign of quality. Back in the old days the guys from the other side of the pond couldn't afford the british bikes so most of them opted for the Harley Davidsons that were seen as the national rubbish, but at least they were cheap enogh to buy. Sometimes being the best is not better as history proves. While Yamaha is struggling on sales right now they want to focus on the moped market to get enough profit rather that selling R1s.

During WWI Triumph developed 30,000 motorbikes for the Allied. No need to say that wars are great business. They also produced motorbikes in WWII and one day I will post about the fights taken between different types of motorbikes in WWII.

Triumph made a great impression in society as it was the most well known bike of its time. Cinema helped out showing those bikes to everyone and Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando became the first stars riding Triumph bikes. On the 90's they got back to production and tried to get their position again, below there's an example of a very bad movie with a very good looking chick and a great bike!

Triumph meant speed (with the permission of Norton, BSA...) and it now means class. They are making great efforts to be a special branch but the market has changed a lot since then. Harley Davidson took its chances while Triumph and Indian struggled and they succeed, but something else appeared, japanese bikes, that would change everything forever. In order to create the most special Triumph opted for the biggest taking the reign of big bikes from Kawasaki (Harley had lost it already) and its 2000cc Vulcan and designed in their new factory the biggest production bike ever, the Rocket III.

And the winner is... HARLEY DAVIDSON

I've always been a great fan of Harleys since I was a kid. They've sculpted what a great bike should be in the eightys and ninetys, it was just when I learnt about history when I changed up my mind a bit. However, Harley Davidson is for me the purest branch ever as they have always done the only thing they can do, classic bikes. I know they have been efforts of creating other devices, they've always created the same type of bikes and have made many efforts to improve but they've never lost the path we all like them to follow.

Harley Davidson has a very well known history, probably the most known history in motorcycling, and it's easy to get to know it. Type Harley history in google and there you get it (you see how difficult is to write shit like I do?) but Harleys have more than its own history, they have the passion of its owners.

We tend to chose our bikes due to aesthetics, features, prize most of the times... but a Harley owner would always choose a Harley, no matter what others do or ride.

Harley Davidson make expensive motorcycles and that excludes many potential buyers who choose a Vulcan or a Star Cycle instead. However, expensive vehicles are always seen as exclusive, and that means to separate from the crowd, and that's something bikers normally like.

The bikes look great. They might not handle as good as a japanese but they still look great. You won't go far without expending a lot of money in petrol but they look nice... and you won't go fast either but... yes... you know that now don't ya? So they've always been far away from other designers and they state what a cruiser should be, the others just imitate them.

The engine is one of the most ineffective engines nowadays if you compare it with others, that doesn't mean it's a bad engine at all, but it's quite old in its concept (except for the revolution twin designed for the V-Rod) but it sounds great and gives personality to the bike. Some bikes have the look, Harleys create the look everytime, just what happened to the new power cruiser market, created after Harleys' Rod and have created the feel and sound of a big twin engine so what else can you ask for?

But we have to be honest with ourselves and make a clear point. When one thinks of a motorcycle, one thinks of a Harley.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Farewell to the eternal Elf. Ronnie James Dio Rest In Peace

We are all a bit more lonely in this world as the Metal Legend Dio passed away yesterday morning. The stomach cancer that had taken him to hospital and made him cancel all his gigs has finally killed the Elf of Heavy Metal.
Dio sang in Elf, in Black Sabbath, in Rainbow and as Dio himself making one of the best careers in rock history. He was touring with Heaven and Hell remembering what Black Sabbath once was and still had plenty of things to do. But cancer has destroyed him.
I know you must be with Bon Scott, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis, Bonham and all the big ones that passed away but you left us orphan. You've finally become a Rainbow in the Dark. RIP.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Born To Be a Rider

Some told me that motorcycles are dangerous. I've heard of many dying while riding them, and I've seen a few passed away... Riders that were so close to me and with whom I have shared the road.
But looking at the beauty above I can just think of a newborn on a motorbike, I can just think of living your life and not just delaying the moment of death. Death shall find me on wheels.
Live life in an intelligent manner. Never be too deathly, but never live too little.

She's Hailey Clauson...

Friday, 7 May 2010

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