Thursday, 23 December 2010

Paris Bike-Hilton

Hey guys watch out the new 125cc team, sponsored by Paris Hilton. I hope you use your unlimimted knowledge to help Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales in the next season!

But what the fuck is thaaaaaattttttt!!!!!!???????

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Highway To Heaven...

Galicia is one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth... specially when you're riding a motorbike. I can tell you that's a whole experience, for their people, for their nature, for their sea... for their culture... Here's a bit of Galicia's poetry in the voice of the author, with all of you Yolanda Castaño.

Zombie Khrist

Hey you motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't wanna see you reading this fucking shit anymore or the heaven rage will seek you and fuck you up your asses you idiots. This blog is pure rubbish and so is the so called "writer" that makes it, too much porn and tits rather than bikes and nothing interesting to fucking say!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Zombie Khrist and I will rule this blog from now on rather than that motherfucker of Axel Estrada.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Edgar Allan Poe Quote

DURING the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year, when the clounds hung oppresively low in the heavens, I had been passing alone, on horseback, through a singularly dreary tract of country, and at length found myself, as the shades of the evening drew on, within view of the melancholy House of Usher.

Edgar Allan Poe

Anyone can be a beater...

Monday, 8 November 2010

Is there a heaven for motorbikes?

I had an interesting conversation with someone the other night about bikes, of course. It happens that he is a chopper builder, a quite known one in Spain, who is, as all of us, strugglin with the fucking situation we now live in this crazy world. He told me he was selling his best creation as a way to go forward working. I was amazed as that sculpture could be sold, but we can sell or buy anything in this fucking life.
So the conversation went on and he also told me that is an usual process, you build a bike, you take it to the bike shows you can, you win some prizes or you just fuck up and then you go back home, you sell the bike and you start a new project. If bikes are not sold then they're unmade to use frames, brakes, engine and whatever shit you can recycle from it.
But that makes me think of how I love my own bike. I know my bike is a shit but it has given me unforgetable rides all around the country and I'm grateful for that. I couldn't think of selling my bike unless -as the ONLY possibility- it depends on the change for a new one. If I'm getting a brand new bike -no matter is a mass produced one or a built up chopper- and a need my bike as part of the deal to fulfil with payment, then I would sell it. However, I've always thought of making a tiny bobber with it when I get a new machine.
For me, the coolest bike ever designed would be nothing unless ridden by a motherfucker that pushes hard, or slow, that goes far or near but... who enjoys riding as a way of life. The rest of bikes are crap, but is there a heaven for motorbikes? where do the good machines go? do they worth anything? I guess an old and rotten bike is just debris unless you give a soul to it. It's not your ride, it's all about the rider.
Sometimes money talks and the most expensive becomes easily the best. I've ridden near brand new harley, triumphs, yamahas and hundreds of rides more expensive than mine and they all mean nothing to me. I don't care if someone can afford a 24 grand fat boy and I can't; world is full of motherfuckers and the reality is that no matter where you are or where you're looking at, most of them are not easily recognised, an many others seem to be the coolest guys ever but they're not.

There is a heaven for motorbike guys, it's under your balls while you ride any road, any weather, any bike and any part of this fucking world. Discover it your way.

Friday, 22 October 2010

We may be the worst blog on earth... but we steal cool pics from everyone!

The return of the bee

I had another bee bite inside my helmet yesterday. It's the fourth this year and it's fucking nonesense, you have to stop, to pee on the ground and put some of that disgusting muddy substance on your fucking head, but then the pain leaves you...
Remember to resist the pain...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

2011 models

It is by this time of the year when the manufacturers show up some news about next year's market. Let's see a bit of what I found so far.

In the end -if this is really the end- of the world crisis; new models are hard to be found as many manufacturers haven't sold 2010 or even 2009 bikes.

Triumph has done the homework and they really are producing new bikes. We have examples of the new Tiger or the amazing Speed Triple. Here it is the new Thunderbird Storm. They have made an evident change according to nowadays' standards, they've changed the bike into black. Then they've put new handlebars but keeping the bike pretty much the same and with the same frame, the result is fantastic. Want more? the twin headlights taken from the Rocket III and the kit bore, which increases the bike into a 1700cc with 100 horse power. Big numbers.

 Suzuki is redisigning all their cruisers in order to make them follow the amazing Intruder 1800cc. However what you see here is the 800cc Intruder. This is a great bike, one of the greatest if you allow me. In Europe is one of the best rides you can choose as it's affordable and very realiable. But let's be honest. This bike was much better before, it looks a bit skinny after having seen the big one. Suzuki should have gone for the originality and keep the model as it was before and not just try to sell us an imitation of the big bike. I'd rather go for the classic Intruder.
 Kawasaki Vulcan Vaquero. The now typical 1700cc with a new outfit. For me this is one of the best models of the year. We know how good kawas are nowadays, producing a range of the best cruisers all over the world. This bike's look is amazing. A lighter tourer was something I wouldn't expect from them after cracking the planet with last year's new models, but it was too bulky maybe. So here it is the amazing Vaquero. A cowboy in bikes.
 Honda, as also Kawasaki is doing, is well aware of the new predominance in the world of bikes of Triumph. They had never gone away but we know they stopped production. Now everyone wants to have a Bonneville. The most obvious bike to do it was the Shadow. A 750cc V-Twim -yeap, this bike comes from a Harley imitation- that is so reliable that its owners claim it never breaks down. The british ride and the café racers are back and this bike really suits the market. Lovely curves and easy handling and some Honda specs. I think it's lovely.

And the good news is there will be more models to come up this year!
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