Thursday, 1 August 2013

Solo Ridin'

Never underestimate company, as we always feel alone, and we will always need a friendly shoulder. Concerts, bike events, MC's, gangs, group ridin', motherfuckers around us all the time... everybody's welcome.

But there are just some moments in which the only company you need is a lonely road. You gently throttle up your machine, see the trees passing by, the clouds, the sun, the shades... your soul.

Existence can be such a pain in the ass, that running away from it can represent the different between your pure life, and dying in agony. Checks, bills, problems, work, bosses, clients, motherfuckers...

We can always expect the unexpected when riding unknown roads, lonely spaces of infinite joy just with the rumble of the engine. Fuck everyone, riders have a way of scape, let's just use it.

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