Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fuck Hipster... but God bless them!

We've been invaded by wealthy bearded men wearing old fashion stuff which is of current make and cost a fortune, the hipster revolution is here!


And so many are now changing, but the penomenom we're to talk about is their repercussion in motorbikes.


Classic rides is no new thing to motorcycle industry, and Triumph was the first one to make a bold move and resuscitate old glorious rides with modern day technology.


That made the perfect ride for them, as the Bonnevilles fit them tremendously. So we now have a BMW R nine T, a Ducati Scramler, Yamaha XRJ and an ongoing list of heritage motorcycles reviving old times... and that's great dudes!


The Against Guys 

But others are claiming that hipster have ruined the motorcycle scene, as true bikers are not hipsters and you do not need to polish your beard to ride a chopper like a cowboy. Well true as well, but what's the point?

Freedom is in the bikers' genes, no doubt, and so let them behave like they fucking want. Those who despise the hipster movement might feel attacked by them, and that's why they get a bit hysterical. 

If they are affecting you, you might not be what you said you were. Not feeling sure of you sexuality mate?


New Wave 

Chopper garages are now focusing on café racers, the entire scene has been renewed without losing its roots, in addition we've learnt to learn from other tendencies which are very cool, and everytime I visit the garage of a bike customizer, I see they're not just working on choppers, but café racers, street trackers, scramblers, old day roadsters... that's just cool man!

Until I see some adverts out there saying Café Racer event, no cruisers allowed... Custom Bike show, no whatever fuck allowed... 

Who the fuck do you think you are to ban things?

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