Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SummerEnd St. yet?

I remember those rainy days last winter. I thought that cold air was going to freeze me forever, and Summer didn't seem to come. I missed the sun and the rides, the fresh beverages and the short sleeve...

But Summer always comes. We might not be here one day, but it'll be reapearing again and again, at its own pace, and there's no need to be impatient. And it did come this year too... and now, I'm too busy to get the most of it. I miss just a beer in a terrace without worrying about bills, work, love...

A guy has to do, what he has to do, and we can't always pine and complain about our duties, as we must do them instead. But it is so fucking tyring from time to time. I can say I should be happy as I'm riding on daily basis, but just riding to work... and I still miss the freedom I used to have in Summertime.

And we keep on promising to ourselves we won't die like this, that things will change someday... but things never change, they just flow. So if you wanna change anything, you have to do it yourself of continue longing for that paradise lost.

Ride peacefully, and never think you've reached your limits, 'coz they're just your mental limitations!

C U on the Road

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