Monday, 22 April 2013

Around the World

A very well known dream of many bikers is to go around the world. We have dreamt of it since we were kids, and many of us still dreaming of a lifetime on an endless road. We know that many people have done it, so it is not about originality really... is more about passion.
Apart from logistics, which may take you a while, there's an issue I really think importat. What bike to take? There are great motorcycles specially designed for that. KTM, BMW GS 1200, Triumph Tiger etc. I'm sure you pretty much remember 'Long Way Round' and how those magnificient beemies whent round the globe with two stars on them. But that's too ugly for me... I mean the bike.
Motorcycling has always been about styling, and no need to say that such modern machines didn't exist at the beginning of motorcycle trips. For that reason, when I settle my life completely, when I'm rich (or richer than I am now) and got the time for an adventure like this, I would definately choose a Triumph Scrambler. It might not be the greatest adventure bike... but isn't it more adventurous to go on a machine that might struggle along with you?

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