Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hundreds of roads, hundreds of miles, hundreds of different faces would not make any difference. Feelings arise without knocking at our soul doors and enter.

It's not what we've got, it's all about who we are. We are livin' our lives the way we want to, having fun, enjoying every piece of it... but feelings come and go unexpectedly.

For those of us who are knocked by melancholy sometimes -undoubtedly everyone- remember this advice. Get on a motorcycle, head to anywhere in particular, take a comfortable seat and let your mind blank. Your spirit will be flying inside your body, and the beauty that enters through your eyes will heal your spirit. 

Finally, there's still the most important part of it. Ride back, and get some more use of your motorbike in the world's endless roads. Nothing that can't be cured on two wheels' adventures!

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