Saturday, 26 January 2013

No ridin', no posts...

I know this is not the blog which contains a record posting, not even close to that... anyway, who cares. Posts, even those that might look like a consequence of just being bored -or boring- are just a way of expressing my own personal feelings about my way of life.

Bad weather, work, personal problems and a few more shit got me out of the bike, like a motherfucker pedestrian or, what's even worse, like a driver. But it seems difficult to have something to say when I'm not riding. Miss my bike, miss the road, missing all that shit I dedicate my life.

Ups and downs, like a twisty road to hell... gotta do things better, gotta go, gotta stay, gotta leave, gotta fucking kill someone!

People you know sometimes let you down. Women are a pain in the ass when they freak out and can make you feel depressed. Family can be little too careless, or little too fucking stressing. Money is a bloody whore with no regrets that can either leave you, or leave you. Death is always waiting...

But there are just two free spirits who will never let you down, one comes in a dog's shape. 

The other has two fucking wheels!

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