Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Buy Second Hand. Useful tips for beginners.

If you're buying second hand bikes, like many of us, simple mortals, there are several considerations that you should remember if you're a beginner.

Experienced riders may choose the right bargain one they see it, because they can recognise it, but beginners sometimes get a disastrous vehicle thinking of the bike of their dreams.

First, if possible, buy a bike from someone you know or trust. If this is not possible, it is okay to buy from a friend of a friend. When people are trying to lie on a vehicle they prefer to give away as far as possible. This step isn't mandatory, but it is a good recommendation.

Second, try the vehicle. You have to ride it before you buy it. the aspects you have to take into account are:

-Engine. A good engine must be smooth and sound properly. Find info about the model or whatever and check if it's okay.
-Ergonomics. Buy something comfortable for your riding, and the proper size. I just can't imagine a short little guy riding a Rocket III.

-Bike handling. How a bike handles tells us about how good or bad it is. Two simple tests you can make during the test ride. The general impression it gives you is the most important feel of the bike and will let you know how it is. However, some problems can be hiding.
While riding in a safe area, take off your hands of the handle bars. If the bike continues in a straight line, the frame is okay, if it doesn't, the frame could be damaged. It might not be the frame, so then there can be tyre problems, bad springs or something else.
Push the front break hard, as emulating an emergency break -mind your security and remember the bike is not yours yet!- and see if it breaks in another straight line. If it does, the bike is probably balanced and in good conditions.

Third, overall view. This is the hot spot for the majority, that first of all see how the bike looks. It is very obvious that it tells you about the conditions the bike is. But I have always thought that the appeareance of a motorbike is something that can be repaired quite easily.

Apart from all this, good luck!

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