Monday, 19 December 2011

Now that the world is fucked up... by Z-K

Now that the world is fucked up, there's no better time to start enjoying ourselves.

I know this is going to be a difficult time for many bikers, Christmas are on the way, expenses and shit going through our minds. Don't know how you're doing, but the majority are struggling. This might not be the year to get the latest Harley model, this might not be the year to reach those materialistic things you're searching for...

But we can all do better dudes, if you already have a bike, no matter it's the oldest you've ever seen, no matter if it sounds or looks like shit... enjoy it! Don't have a bike? You might find one just by lowering down your expectations so far, something you can afford. The aim is to enjoy life, not having things in life. Forget about being posh, trendy or whatever. This is our time to enjoy life, not to pine about what we ain't gonna get yet. Fuck the world, as everyone says nowadays, it's all fucked up, go and fuck the world yourself and enjoy. Your dream bike will come true one day, just shut the fuck up in the meanwhile.

I was even capable of enjoying riding a stick, dreaming it was a motorcycle when I was five, what the hell has happened to me? It's not what you've got, but who you are.

Funny in the motorcycle world, everyone's looking more at your bike and at your chick than to yourself. I don't give a shit what you think of my bike or my chick, and I don't give a damn shit about you either. Be my companion, or just be somebody else in the crowd I couldn't care less. I will be having fun with my little money, by borrowed cigarettes and my dirty old bike. Roads are open for the rich, and for the poor. We're equal in that.

Ride this fucking life, as if you were a motherfucker who has to die one day!!!!

Zombie-Khrist. Khristmas message.

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