Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vulcan 2000

The Vulcan 2000 appeared in 2,004 as the falgship of Kawasaki's cruiser market. On a bold move to get over Harley Davidson, Kawasaki developed the biggest V-Twin engine up to that date. They also appeared with the biggest displacement mass produced bike. But the titles were, perhaps, too big for the years to come.

Triumph soon appeared to get on the Vulcan by issuing the impressive Rocket III, whose 2,300cc diminished the 2,054cc that the Vulcan sports. Harley Davidson was getting smaller comparing to its rivals, but only in engine size. The Vulcan soon capted the attention of many, that, instead of watching its limitations, went forward for a bike that was one of a kind. It has one of the most powerful powerplant ever on a cruiser, and they did well on sales and on name.

Howerver, the Vulcan is too big for matters such as fuel conssumption and maintenance, and so it seems we've reached a point in which much bigger, is not neccesarily better. Kawasaki did a good move by making the new Vulcan 1700 its flagship. It seems to be a much better balanced bike, and no one would deny seventeen hundred is big. So, as something expected, and at least in Europe's market -don't know about others- the Vulcan 2000 does not have a place in 2012's lineup for Kawasaki. It's understandable, but sad, that one of the coolest bikes ever, is now getting closer to extinction.

So, hopefully this humble tribute to this amazing bike is making a bit of justice to its short life. Moves like this are perfectly understandable for brands struggling to survive, but are always sad for bikers who have always wanted to get one, one day...

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